ALTERNATIVE Regional Workshop (6-7 November 2014, Budapest)

Conflict resolution in intercultural contexts in the CEE region 

Thinking out loud about Justice and Security



International workshop presenting the preliminary findings of the Hungarian and Austrian action research sites in the ALTERNATIVE project 

A critical dialogue about the potential of restorative justice approaches (RJ) to peaceful co-existence in intercultural contexts in the CEE region

on 6-7 November 2014 


The conference is organised by the Foresee Research Group in partnership with the Institute for the Sociology of Law and Criminology (IRKS)  


within the framework of the ALTERNATIVE Project (Restorative justice in intercultural settings - 2012-2016, Consortium leader: KULeuven - Leuven Institute of Criminology (LINC), receiving funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no. 285368)



What do we explore?

What is the potential of the restorative justice approach to conflict resolution in promoting peaceful co-existence in communities known as intercultural contexts in the CEE region?

Under which conditions and in what specific ways may restorative practices (such as mediation, conferencing and peacemaking circles) support communities described as intercultural context?


With whom?

This workshop intends to make a link between 1.) professionals dealing with peaceful conflict resolution techniques (e.g. mediators, restorative practitioners), 2.) stake-holders affected by or responsive to conflicts in intercultural contexts (e.g. policy makers, representatives of municipalities, minority representatives) and 3.) fellows from the research/academic field. 



The aim of the workshop is to present the preliminary findings from Hungary and Austria – the two action sites within the ALTERNATIVE project dealing with conflict-resolution in intercultural communities – and to offer space and time for critical discussion and further input for the research. 


What do we attempt? 

During these two interactive days our attempt is to think loudly and collectively on the intersections of restorative justice and intercultural settings as well as giving meaning to safety, security, justice, community, exclusion, minorities and participation – that constitute the conceptual fabric of the ALTERNATIVE project.



1. Researchers and practitioners introduce the action research sites and show films from the locations.

2. Presentations on the state of arts and on the preliminary findings, facilitated by an invited opponent expert (in a fish-bowl setting) followed by a concluding round-table of the involved researchers.

3. At certain points participants can reflect and contribute in circle-discussions and thematic workshops. Furthermore, there will be an open space for exhibitions or pitch talks, where each participant can briefly summarise her mission/activities and voice her message.  


The language of the workshop is English. 

The Researchers’ Team:

From the Foresee Research Group (Hungary): 

László Balla, Gabriella Benedek, dr. Borbála Fellegi, Gábor Héra, Gyula Galyas, dr. Éva Győrfi, Koppány Kelemen, Szilvia Süki-Szíjártó, Dóra Szegő

From the Institute for the Sociology of Law and Criminology, IRKS (Austria):

Katrin Kremmel and dr. Christa Pelikan

How can you register? 

Registration for participation is FREE of charge. But you need to register online here (below). 

The number of participants is limited to 35. 

Please register online well in advance, since registration is confirmed on a first come, first served basis. 

Deadline for registrations: 20 October 2014



You would like to come but have limited budget for travel and accommodation?

You can apply for one of the 10 bursaries to get contribution to the travel and/or accommodation costs

Application for bursaries is possible online here.

Deadline for bursary applications: 26 September 2014

Decision is announced before 5 October.


And don’t forget: this is a chance for You disseminating your activities!

We welcome any kind of material that you would like to share with the other participants about your organisation or projects (reports, leaflets, books, posters etc.). For that, an open space will be created on Friday afternoon after the welcome, so bring anything that you think others would be interested in! We’ll also provide space for thought provoking talks in elevator-pitch style (“Summarise and stage your message in 6 minutes”). 

For more information, please contact:

Dr. Borbala Fellegi (director of the Foresee Research Group) at





14.00-15.00: Registration, preparing for the open space and pitch talks

15.00-15.30: Welcoming session on behalf of the ALTERNATIVE project, the Foresee Research Group and Institute for the Sociology of Law and Criminology

15.30-16.20: Opening Circle and introduction on the ALTERNATIVE Project

16. 20-17:00: Open Space and Pitch-talks turning into a …

17.00-17.20: Coffee break

17:20-19.00: Introduction to the action research methodology and to the respective socio-ecological contexts (Kakucs village, Hungary and the Gemeindebau social estate in Vienna, Austria)    

Film-session (showing short films from the research sites)

Discussion - First impressions 

From 19:30: Dinner with live music (free for registered participants!)

Optional: crawl in nearby ruin-pubs




From 8:30: Arrival

9:00-11:00: Introduction to the day

                  Overview of the findings in Austria

                  Fish-bowl discussion about the findings in Hungary

                  Questions and answers that came up in the presentations and

                  Guide to the workshops

11:00-11:25: Coffee break

11:30-12:45: Moderated small group discussions on predefined key questions (groups: practice/policy/research)

12:45-13:30: Lunch 

13:30-14:30: What we have learned: synthetising conclusions from the ALTERNATIVE research-teams’ members

14:30-15:15: Circle on conclusions: findings during the workshop

15:15-15:45: Brainstorming: mapping resources and motivations for taking our ideas further

15:45-16.15: Closing circle


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In case of any question, feel free to contact Dr. Borbala Fellegi at

Thank you for your registration and see you in Budapest on 6 November 2014!